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Raise money for Woodland Action

Woodland Action is a non-profit community action organization that believes in providing basic needs first to individuals, then applying capacity building programs that increase future success.  We have been around for 16 years and have increased the quality of life throughout our community by developing essential programs in distribution of food, personal hygiene, & household items to low-income individuals and families in Clark and Cowlitz counties.
We incorporate food bank best practices by offering nontraditional hours & a personal shopping experience intended to empower client choice and reduce waste. We also advocate specifically for providing nutritious and healthy food through our participation in the Healthy Pantry Project through Clark County Food Bank.
Through a partnership with Housing Opportunities of SW Washington and the City of Woodland, Woodland Action provides emergency housing funding, rental assistance, and overnight emergency shelter options for residents. Last year over 62 individuals benefited from this program with 20% of those served being crime victims. Another key program of Woodland Action is The Emergency Supply Program which meets the needs of those in our community who are in transition or without a home. Woodland Action distributed over $24,363 of emergency supplies which included tents, tarps, sleeping bags, alternative cooking sources, gloves, hats, boots, coats, clothes, household items, and furniture.
Woodland Action is committed to being culturally competent and understanding of needs with our diverse clientele, while operating with integrity and respect for those who fund us, rely on us, and give us their time.